Leveraging the Opportunity

Our compensation system is a hybrid income generation engine. The dual engine of wealth creation provides every distributor the opportunity for optimal gain.

Retail Commission

When a new customer buys the product at retail price, the sponsoring Distributor will receive the retail commission which is the difference between Distributor price and customer price. The commission is given weekly.

Uni-level fast Start Bonus

To ensure that a distributor will have a fuel to jump start the business, an immediate income from every enrollment package is built-in to the system. This is given weekly.

Dual Team Bonus

The succeeding purchases after getting their enrollment package will be counted towards the Dual Team (Binary). The pay-out is from 8% to 20% based on the lesser leg volume. The Dual Team Bonus is paid monthly.

Leadership Matching Bonus

Check Matching is a match on everyone’s dual team bonus check. This is based on your enrollment tree. Only with auto-ship purchase or active orders are entitled to the check match. We have up to 100% check matching bonus.

Global Bonus Pool

The company take 2% of the total commissionable volume (CV) and allocate it to the Global Bonus Pool, we divide the numbers of shares on the pool. Once we determine the share value, we add it to your monthly commissions. There is no limit to the number of shares you can earn and the value of share is different each month depending on the company growth.

Dream Car Program

Drive in style with your Dream Car. This is a monthly incentive to the prime movers of the business. This is paid monthly from P7,500 to P50,000 per qualified Distributor.

Rank Advancement Bonus

This is a reward to all hardworking Distributors and paid upon achievement of ranks. The one-time achievement bonus is ranging from P25,000 to P5,000,000.

Diamond Development Bonus

To ensure that the leaders will continue to build and help develop their team, a monthly Diamond Development Bonus is rewarded. The amount is given monthly from P100,000 to P1,000,000. To view the complete outline of the compensation system, please refer to the Compensation Plan at the Distributor back office.