In response to the devastation caused by Volcano in Philippine, MusNatual, is committing to over 35,000 Muscadine seeds and skins capsules (Value of up to P 1,500,00) in-kind donations for relief and recovery. Muscadine contain a vast group of antioxidants which may help protect people from free radical damage caused by smoke billowing out of volcano.

Our distributors and associates in Philippine have experienced the impacts of this Volcano, and our hearts go out to the people of Philippine and the devastation they are facing there. In times like these, the efforts of our company and distribution centers, as well as the non-profits, first responders, local and government official to meet the needs of the affected communities have never been more important. We are grateful to all those providing relief and we want to do our part to help.
- Mike Asghari, CEO, MusNatrual

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